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A-level students achieved A grades 2017
Karan A2 chemistry
Jayan A2 chemistry & biology
Saranayan A2 chemistry & biology

A-level student's message 2017
Thanks. Got A in both chemistry and biology. Couldn't have done it without your support.  Despite the ups and downs you supported me and I'm ever so thankful to you.  All the best.

Students' review

ChrisF-92 26 Sep 2016
Took My Daughter From C to A in Chemistry
Report Review Fearing our daughter was not going to hit her required grades and with a lack of faith in the schools ability to turn the situation around we turned to Mr Azizi.
He not only covered the syllabus but added to her overall knowledge of the subject and most importantly gave her the confidence required to succeed.
The proof as they say is in the pudding and she ended up with an A grade. 

VeenaH 13 Sep 2016
Excellent Tutor
Report Review We are very pleased with the tuition my son has received in maths, chemistry, physics and biology since year 9. He achieved A*in maths and physics and A in chemistry and biology in his GCSE's. He is currently in the 2nd year of his A levels and has continued with the chemistry tuition which supports him greatly. The tutor is approachable and punctual and has a good rapport with my son. I would highly recommend this tutor. 

MrsButt 16 Jul 2014
Excellent Service
Report Review My son is having science and maths tuition sine last year. The tutor is very helpful and experienced. He has made a huge progress in science since then , and I am very pleased with the service provided.
The tutor is very punctual and has a good rappo with him which helped a lot . It's tailored according to his needs. He is starting his year 10 after holidays.
I am very satisfied with the service provided and will definitely recommend it to others.

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