Terms of mutual agreement

Please read carefully:


Years 8 & 9 and GCSEs £29 per hour,
A-levels £32 per hour

Fees are charged per hour per student, any additional student in the same session will be charged an additional £20.
Any distance of more than 5 miles will be charged £6 extra, more than 8 miles £10 extra and more than 12 miles £15 extra per hour. A session can be more than one hour.
Fees must be paid in cash at the end of every session.
Paying for block sessions may be paid in advance or decided otherwise, by bank transfer.

 Block bookings and payments:
Booked sessions by the students are the valuable time slots that will not be available to other students wishing to book. Therefore, any missed sessions must be rearranged within the same month or period of payment (for block bookings) ONLY.  Any lessons missed and not rearranged as explained will not be refunded.  

Regular bookings with payments in advance:
The session can be rearranged or cancelled depending on circumstances.

In the case of termination of the use of our services please give us at least one week notice.

We will tailor our services to the needs of the student for better achievements.  The students are also required to contribute towards their learning by completing the work their are given, being interactive and ask questions.  The feedback from college or school will reflect on the student’s progress as we move on. However, the exam results can be predictable but are not guaranteed.

We are not responsible for any cause, effects or losses the rearrangement of the session or occasionally arriving late for the session might have on the students.

Good education is a good investment. Therefore, we do not compromise quality for cost.


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